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Baby dragons are essentially winged, fire-breathing cats.


So this is my really late submission for goldenfrost week. I used references for the ships and gliders.

This comic is dedicated to the dear kalael.
I’m gonna sleep forever now.

Soundtrack for this are mainly these two songs:

Heaven’s not enough

Conquest of Spaces


I tribute to a fanfiction that helped me to learn a lot about myself and basically change my life. Literally.
I tried to capture my favorite scenes and important events from the story and put them in one huge-ass picture. I am sure that I made a lot of mistakes, but I can say that this is one of the biggest illustrations that I ever made.

Total hight: ~98 inches.
All done in one piece.
Started the day the last chapter of Into Shadows We Fall was posted.

My computer hates me now.

Thank you for a great adventure, Pia. It was a wild ride full of emotions and I can not really express how much Shadows and Light means to me.
And thank you for the great support of my fellow  SaL- and Blackice Fans. This is for you.

Gonna post some detailshots later, because IT’S TOO SMALL HERE AAAH.

Read the Fanfiction:
From the Darkness We Rise
Into Shadows We Fall

Meet the author:

Okay, I’m nervous now.

"Everything you wanted to know, in this little box.


"Final Goodbye" - in anime style.






Peter and Jamie being geeks together for -lazarus. I kept feeling like I wasn’t doing it right so I just kept drawing……Yeeaahhh….I’m sorry.

Song: Before Your Father Hears Us
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[[songs I can’t stop listening to]]

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One of Frozen 2013 deleted scenes that just make me smile like an idiot. [found it here]

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